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About us

Tela.PH is an online fabric supplier for people and organizations looking for corporate apparel textiles without having to physically leave their homes and office. From office uniform designers to uniform manufacturers, office workers to teachers, from technicians to public servants, Tela.PH is for anyone who needs to buy fabrics and accessories for their corporate uniforms conveniently.

Our Mission

As an online fabric supplier, we aim to inspire, enable, and empower creators who use textiles as their medium. To realize this, they should have a means to secure the materials they need for their projects or uniforms without having to step out of their homes, offices and studios. Our mission is to be a one-stop online shop for those seeking textiles related to corporate apparel, office wear, and uniforms.

Our Vision

We envision a community of designers, creators, office uniform manufacturers, office workers, career men and women in the private and public organizational space that use and trust.

Core Values


Stirring the imagination with ideas for fabric and textile creations--this is our goal when choosing what we feature in our catalog as your online fabric supplier. This way, creators can get inspired to make quality products for clients.

Human Centric

The Philippines is a developing country with a population that. As an online fabric supplier, we aid creators with their projects that puts people’s needs at the center. This explains our rates when compared to other brands.


We empower designers, manufacturers, and creators by being their online fabric supplier. This means we provide them a catalog of quality materials they can have creative control of without being limited by options and complicated processes.


An online fabric supplier such as Tela PH encourages the strengthening of a community sewn together by makers and suppliers.


Access our wholesale fabric catalog

Corporate members get a special access to our wholesale fabric catalog, view our inventory, reserve products online, and get flexible payment terms.


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